Embroidery is the perfect option to display your company or team logo onto garments to achieve a quality and professional lasting image.


At Champion Workwear we do all of our embroidery in house to ensure the quality of everything we produce.


We operate 2 GS-UK embroidery machines with multiple heads to allow us to work efficiently on multiple projects.


How does it work:

To create your embroidered garments, firstly we must digitise your logo into a format that allows the machine to understand where to stitch and when to change colours.  We then accurately frame up your garment and load onto the machine where your logo will be embroidered onto your chosen garments to create a professional and quality look.


Why choose Champion Workwear:

  • Immaculate detail:  We take pride in our work and due to our in house service we keep control of everything we produce.

  • Turnaround time:  We have the ability to turn you orders around and fulfil the most urgent of orders in a timely fashion.

  • MOQ:  We have no minimum order.  Whether you order 1 garment or 1000, we take the same care and pride in our work.

  • We listen:  We do not operate an online ordering system as we realise the importance of understanding your needs and requirements.  Relationships and understanding are key to how we operate.